Health Guarantee

We provide a year-long health guarantee that includes:
Heart problems (scale 4 or above)
Congenital organ failure causes death
a congenital illness that is fatal or life-threatening

Dog Distemper Send the initial vet exams and a photo of the deceased puppy if your dog develops any untreatable life-threatening congenital defect or dies due to a heart, organ, or genetic defect. The same sex, breed, and quality for which you purchased will be sent to you. The consumer is in charge of shipping.

Within 48 hours of the initial diagnosis, you must send us a copy of the original vet exams that clearly show the death was due to a congenital problem and was not the owner’s fault when filing a claim.

The doctor’s examination and autopsy must unequivocally state that the death was caused by a congenital defect. Following submission, the paperwork will be reviewed by our veterinarian, who must determine that the problem is in fact a congenital abnormality. After diagnostics, the paperwork must be supplied within 48 hours.

Only if the dog has a seizure disorder is hydrocephalus diagnosed.

Because they can occur depending on your environment and how you care for your puppy, we do not discuss any treatable or common ailments like luxating patella, hernias, open fontanels, parasites, blood sugar, or skin problems.

To avoid hypoglycemia/low sugar, please feed your puppy appropriately.

Although we treat all puppies for parasites and worms, which are common in puppies and are simple to treat, they are not covered by our guarantee.

During shipping, we are not liable for any veterinary expenses. We will pay up to $300 of your veterinarian’s treatment-related expenses within the first three days following delivery; this excludes examination fees, x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, blood work, and any routine check-ups from your veterinarian. This guarantee won’t be honored until the seller receives proof through email. Please wait up to 8 weeks for any reimbursements to be processed. The seller maintains the right to require more evidence before processing a reimbursement. The health assurance is not binding until the contract is signed and carried out.

The health assurance is not binding until the contract is signed and carried out. Before an Air Way Bill number or tracking is issued, the contract will be sent to the buyer for electronic signature. The one-year health guarantee is worthless if the contract was signed after the puppy was delivered, if it was never signed, if it was forfeited, or if it had already expired.

Any veterinary costs or shipment for a replacement puppy are not our responsibility.

The claim’s supporting documentation must be submitted in full within the first year. After the initial diagnostics, any congenital results must be submitted within 48 hours.

Naturally occurring changes in things like eye color or coat color cannot be guaranteed.

*Vets & quotes from the neighborhood vet

Please visit the ‘OUR VETS’ page to learn more about how each puppy is carefully examined for health before being sent. Before they can be scheduled for the flight, all of our puppies must be given the all-clear to travel.

Due to their size and rapid growth rate compared to a conventional puppy of the same breed, when you take our puppy to your local veterinarian, they are typically believed to be considerably younger in age. Our puppies grow more slowly since they are significantly smaller in size. Delays may occur in the development of permanent teeth, testicle descent, or the onset of the puppy’s heat cycle, for instance.

Our images are published when the puppy is three months old, and it often takes 12 to 14 weeks before the booking can be made, so the puppy must be at least three to four months old before they can travel.