Who We Are


Founded by Jessica and Lucas in 1981, Teacuppuppiestore is a dedicated team of pet loving caretakers and trainers, based in NY and PA.

We take great delight in offering you gorgeous teacup puppies with excellent health records and affectionate personalities. We offer a 12-month health guarantee.

Teacuppuppiestore Inc is our official business name. On our home page, as well as in our posts and pages on social media, Our kennel, where our puppies are raised, is in NY, however,  our headquarters for sales and customer support is located in PA, NY, Our NY office is not where we keep our puppies. Until they fly to their new, permanent homes, our puppies are raised and cared for with love in the kennel in PA.


Hola! Meet the Founders


We are Jessica & Lucas !

Our goal as a committed and caring team is to offer superior-quality puppies that are healthy and the result of ethical breeding in a safe manner. Because everyone deserves a fantastic canine companion!

Puppies are not available for viewing at our sales office. All pups are either picked up immediately from our kennel in PA or delivered straight to your location.

We will transport your pooch to the nearest international airport that offers pet cargo services. The cost of Pet Cargo's transportation is covered by us for the aforementioned airports: LAX, SFO, MIA, LAS, JFK, DFW, YYZ, and YVR.

If there are no direct Pet Cargo flights to your city, you must hire an inflight nanny.


Our Team

They All Joined Us!

We are a respected business that stands firmly behind the caliber of our puppies and our brand. We have a valid corporation registration with Incorporation PA,  We urge you to investigate us and look us up. We accept payments with the buyer's protection option because we are a PayPal-verified merchant. A payment's security is for the buyer's protection. Buyer protection for payments can only be provided by certified PayPal businesses.



Clark Foster

Dog Trainer

Our puppies' prices are reasonable given their breed, ancestry, and facial features. The pricing is also influenced by the 24-hour care and nurturing that our care nannies provide from the date of birth till the date of departure.


Valencia Ken

Pet Sitter

Giving each puppy the care and caring they need for four months is a full-time job. This will guarantee the delivery of a healthy and content puppy.



Alessa Stark​

Dog Trainer

You can check the health guarantee page for more information. We offer a one-year health guarantee.


Wish to Take a Trial?

Due to the overwhelming demand for our priceless puppies, you can place a Special Order by paying a $1,000 deposit, and we will do our best to find you a puppy that is identical. There are similarities in size, color, gender, face type, and facial quality.