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Teacuppuppiestore was founded in 1981 by an animal lover and dog trainer.

Grooming services are available at our retail store. Walk-ins are welcome and so are questions. Serving the Brooknlyn, New York, region for many years. We invest many hours in vetting the reputable breeders from which we purchase our dogs. We make sure they have the best genetics, are well-socialized, and behave themselves.



Teacup dogs for sale

If so, choosing us would be ideal. We work with a variety of breeds to ensure that you may select a dog that meets your needs and requirements and that you can provide a caring home for your new family member.

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The place where the most exquisite micro teacup puppies are available for purchase. Request our "Special Order" selection. We can find the puppy of your dreams!



Pet Minding

The premium teacup and toy puppy boutique in PA, Teacuppuppiestore and Boutique, specializes in selling tiny toy, mini, and micro teacup puppies.



Pet Training

The luxury teacup and toy puppy store Dog Training Methods, Basic specializes in selling tiny toy, miniature, and micro teacup puppies.




Puppy Grooming for Sale. Purchase Your Teacup Puppy Now! We Finance 0% for 3 months with no down payment.



Happy Faces

Meet some of our happy families



Jane Foster, Georgia

In order to get a little Pomeranian puppy from Teacuppuppiestore, my husband and I traveled to NY. Because he responded to his breeder's name, we named our dog Omer! This puppy is really smart, adorable, and little. Our lives have transformed, and I could not be happier. Our beautiful son makes us incredibly happy. a big thank you for bringing us together;



Mike Ross, WD

One year ago, we purchased Honey, a teacup Pomeranian, from Teacuppuppiestore. She is extremely intelligent, endearing, and wonderful with children. She brings our family happiness and calm.Thanks a lot!


Veronica Cullen, MH

From Teacuppuppiestore we got our teacup pug. He is a fantastic dog. My little girl adores him. This puppy is very happy, alert, and healthy. Despite the fact that he can always fit on our laps, he travels everywhere with us.

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